The province abounds with beautiful mountains and canyons, so it makes sense that there are a variety of caves and tunnels to explore. Some are easily accessed, and others require a bit more effort to get to, but if you are interested in spelunking or seeing the underground life of the province, these are well worth a visit. The mainland of British Columbia offers a number of caves and tunnels. There are more than 1000 caves on Vancouver Island alone!

Horne Lakes Caves Provincial Park
Located outside of Parksville BC. There are many tours available year round to explore the amazing network of caves.

Othello Tunnels
The Othello Tunnels are a fabulous place to go biking or hiking. There are 5 tunnels located on the old Kettle Valley Railway in Coquhalla Provincial Park.

Cody Caves Provincial Park
These caves are located in the Selkirk Mountains. There are many different tour packages you can chose from.

Ainsworth Hot Springs
This cave is part of the Cody Cares, but can be enjoyed totally on its own. Here you can soak in the wonderful hot springs in an underground setting.

Upana Caves
Here there are four caves located in Campbell River on Vancouver Island. You can self-guide yourself through the caves. Allow one hour to investigate them all!

Little Huson Cave Regional Park
This park is located in the northern part of Vancouver Island and is home to 15 caves.

Artlish Cave Provincial Park
Located on Vancouver Island, this cave system is a little difficult to get to. Go prepared with the proper clothing and it might be a good idea to have a GPS with you. Once you are there it is a photgraher’s paradise!

Fang Cave
This is the ninth longest cave in the country and part of a system located in Evanoff Provincial Park. This is not recommended for beginners. Be sure to take proper equipment with you,

Bocock Peak Provincial Park
Located 70 kilometers west of Hudson’s Hope, you will find this provincial park, which is home to three limestone cave systems, with deep descents up to 253 meters, making it the ninth deepest in Canada. B.C. Park.

Kakwa Provincial Park
About 70 kilometers north of McBride, you will find these caves which are fabulous to explore.

Corral Cave
To reach this cave you  must hike the 4-kilometer Stone Corral Interpretive Hiking Trail in Monkman Provincial Park, just south of Tumbler Ridge. The cave is 20 metres long and has smooth walls and vertical limestone cliffs with a high ceiling. In spring and early summer, the floor is covered in large icicles. 

Chipmunk Caves
This cave is located near Chilliwack B.C. The trail itself ends at a steep wooden ladder that takes you up to the cave entrance. 
Be sure to have a flashlight with you.

Tilly Point Caves
These caves are underwater so scuba diving is necessary.

The Highway Tunnels of B.C. Fraser Canyon
There are seven in total and are all located between Boston Bar and Yale on the Trans-Canada Highway. They were all built between 1957 and 1964 and range in length from 57 metres (187 feet) to 610 metres (2,000 feet). With their own characteristics, these tunnels each unique and fun to travel through.